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Michigan Works! Annual Conference

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We held three workshops/activities during the recent Michigan Works Annual Conference in Kalamazoo. They were all a success with a lot of great discussion and ideas shared! You can get a taste of what the three workshops/activities consisted of below:

Standards of Service

The workforce system and its programs are ever-changing. We need to adapt with them AND make sure we are compliant. Sure, we have policy, emails about policy, hall conversations, etc… but how do you ensure that staff really know what they need to do? How do you ensure staff are trained quickly and efficiently? Process Maps and Work Instructions are an easy, no-nonsense way to put policy into action, tailor it to your agency’s needs, and make sure everyone has access to the right information. Learn how to create easy-to-access-and-understand tools to ensure staff meet a standard of service, as well as a way to track best practices. (PS- they work great for program monitoring.)
Natasha Allen, COO, Michigan Works! Region 7B
Tawnee Hadd, MIS Manager, Michigan Works! Region 7B
Anna Hetherington, Career Transition Coordinator, Michigan Works! Region 7B
Robert Caillier, Deputy Director at Region 7B

Hi! My Name is BRN. It’s Nice to Meet You (Panel)

Business Resource Networks (BRNs) are experiencing a growth cycle and have produced opportunities for success at the local level. But there are challenges, too. Hear from a panel of Michigan Works! professionals who have experienced both the triumphs and tribulations around starting and running a successful BRN. They will share their insights on how to set up a BRN in different areas; strategies that have worked and those that haven’t; plans for continued growth; best practices regarding services; and how working with different funding sources has impacted their success.

Collin Mays, Program Coordinator, SEMCA
Vicky Stickler, Talent Coordinator, Michigan Works! Region 7B
Duane Berger, Senior Director of Business & Innovation, Kinexus Group
Sandy Vallance, Program Manager for Michigan Works! SE
Kim Gager, Deputy Director for Michigan Works! West Central

Natasha Allen, Chief Operating Officer for Michigan Works! Region 7B

Idea Challenge – Shark Tank Style

We can always do things better, right?  So how do we do it? We ask those that are doing the work for their ideas and help them to implement them… Shark Tank Style! We want to grow our staff and their abilities, right? So how do we do it? We create a safe space to try out a new idea with no repercussion for failure…. Shark Tank Style! Find out how to get great ideas from your staff while helping them become better employees, co-workers … and have fun doing it.

Natasha Allen, COO, Michigan Works! Region 7B
Marv Pichia, Owner, Inspiring Innovations, Inc.

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