Connect to your future

Removing roadblocks to your success:

  • No Diploma/GED?

  • Transportation issues?

  • In need of financial security?

  • No work experience?

  • Lack Childcare? (for parenting youth)

  • Homeless?

  • Need food Assistance?

  • IEP or disability?

  • In foster care?

  • Need clothing/shoes for work/school?

We Can Help!

How we help

Connecting you to your future

  • We listen & help navigate your options and the resources available

  • Assist with developing your plan

  • Work with you to remove any roadblocks

  • Take steps toward your career goals

We also offer:

  • GED – self paced options
  • College tuition assistance
  • Trade school or short-term training financial help (CNA, CDL, Construction, Welding, etc.)
  • On-the-job training – an agreement between your potential employer and Michigan Works! Region 7B. We can pay for up to 75 percent of your wages while you are in training.

  • Paid work experience. Short-term. You get paid while you gain valuable experience.
  • Resume help and Interview prep